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EMU Time Entry - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • As an employee, am I required to enter hours each day?
    No. However, it is strongly recommended that employees record all hours on a daily basis. By doing so, the time reporting procedure will not be overlooked or forgotten.

  • What if as an employee, I need to make a change to my timesheet?
    Employees can make changes until the timesheet is submitted to the Approver. If you have already submitted your timesheet, your Approver can make the change for you. If the Approver has already approved the incorrect timesheet, Payroll must be contacted to make the correction.

  • What if as an employee, I have more than one position? More than one supervisor?
    Employees must submit a separate timesheet for each position held at Eastern Michigan University. If you have two positions with two different supervisors, you will have two timesheets, and each timesheet will be routed to the Approver identified for that position.

  • How will Approvers know when my timesheet has been submitted?
    Approvers will log in to view the timesheets that have been submitted and are awaiting their approval.

  • What if my Approver is on vacation?
    If your approver is on vacation submit your timesheet as you would normally and the Payroll Department will process the time entered. When your supervisor returns to the office they will review the timesheet and notify the Payroll Department and the employee of any necessary correction.

  • What if as an employee, I work different hours than I reported on my timesheet?
    Communicate with your Approver. If the Approver has not yet approved your timesheet, the Approver can make necessary changes.

  • What if as an employee, I am unable to submit my timesheet by the deadline?
    Your Approver will contact the Payroll Department to submit the timesheet so that your Approver can approve the timesheet.

  • How do I, as an employee, view my leave balances?
    To view Sick/Personal: Employee Dashboard >> Earnings >> Earnings by Date. 
    To view all other Leave Balances: Employee Dashboard >> Full Leave Balance Information.

  • How do I, as an Approver, view a list of all timesheets, including "Not Started"?
    Currently, there is no way to see a list of all timesheets. Instead, you can view a list of all timesheets except "Not Started" and then view a list of "Not Started" timesheets.

  • How do I, as an Approver, see a birds-eye view of a given timesheet?
    Currently, there is no way to see a birds-eye view of a given timesheet? Instead, you will need to click through the timesheet days to view the entirety of a given timesheet.


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