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Creating and Using a Multi-Application Search

A multi-application query allows you to search more than one application at the same time. For example, you may want to review all the admissions and advising documents for a student.

To create a multi-application query, you must have two applications that share identical index fields (e.g., EID, First Name, Last Name). Once the multi-application query is created, you can search for all documents based on the criteria you define. The results of the search will be displayed in the Query Results page.

Creating a Multi-Application Query

Follow these directions to create a multi-application query:

  1. From an open application, click the magnifying glass button and select New Multi-Application Search from the list. 
    Searching for Documents
    Note:The Configure Multiple Application Search window is displayed
  2. From the Applications section, click the application you want query and then click the Right Arrow button.
  3. Repeat for each application you want to include in the query.
    Searching for Documents
    Note:The selected applications are moved to the Query Applications section.
  4. Toggle the fields you want to make searchable and viewable by clicking and double-clicking their related icons.
    Note: A magnifying glass indicates that the field is searchable, an X indicates that the field will not display in the search results, and a check mark indicates the field is viewable in the search results. Only fields of the same name and type can be searched or made viewable.
  5. When you are finished, type the query name in the Query Name field then click the Save button.
    Searching for Documents

Using a Multi-Application Query

Follow these directions to use a multi-application query:

  1. From the Saved Queries section of an open application, click the down arrow of the query you want to run and click Edit from the list.
    Searching for Documents
  2. From the Edit Search page, enter your search criteria. When your are done, click the Run button.
    Searching for Documents
  3. The Query Results page is displayed.
    Searching for Documents
    Note: The search results will return any documents matching the search criteria, from all applications that were selected when the multi-application query was created.
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