Eastern Michigan University

Searching for Documents

Use this AppXtender Document Manager to search for a document in ApplicationXtender.

Follow these directions to log in to AppXtender Document Manager:

  1. From the Application window, right-click the application you want to search and choose New Query from the menu. Shortcut: Press the [Ctrl] [D] keys on the keyboard.

    Note: If the Application window is not displayed, Click View on the menu bar and choose Applications from the list.
    Searching for Documents
  2. The Search tab is displayed below the Application window. Click in the ID field and type the ID associated with the document.
  3. When you are finished, click the Search button. Shortcut: Press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.

    Note: The document is now indexed and removed from the batch. The next document in the batch is displayed in the Document Manager window. Attempting to save you work before entering all required information will generate an error message.
    Searching for Documents
  4. A list of documents is displayed in the Result Set tab. Double-click the document ID.
  5. The document index window and image display above the Search and Results Set tabs.
    Searching for Documents
  6. When you are finished, right-click the query in the Application window and choose Delete Query from the list.
    Searching for Documents
  7. Repeat these steps to search for a new document.