Eastern Michigan University

AppXtender Document Manager

Use Document Manager to (organize) index documents for searching in ApplicationXtender. Once the documents have been scanned into ApplicationXtender, the individual documents in the batch must be indexed and saved as an ApplicationXtender document.

Once the document index is saved, authorized University personnel can use the indexed data to efficiently search for, view, and print these documents.

Follow these directions to index documents in ApplicationXtender:

  1. Log in to AppXtender Document Manager - See Logging in to AppXtender Document Manager for more information.

    Note: The indexing of documents must take place on a computer that has the AppXtender Document Manager software installed. If this is the first time you are indexing documents, additional setup will need to take place once you have logged in on this computer. Contact the Help Desk at [email protected] for more information.
  2. Retrieve a batch - See Retrieving a Batch for more information.
  3. Index a batch - See Indexing a Batch for more information.