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Creating a Batch from File Selection

You can create a batch from a file (e.g., pdf, gif, jpg, etc.) or group of file from the File Selection window in AppXtender Image Capture.

Follow these directions to create a batch by file selection:

  1. If necessary, click the Auto Feed button on the toolbar.
  2. Click Batch on the menu bar and Create from the list.
  3. The Select Files for Batch Import window is displayed. Type a batch name in the Batch Name field.

    Note: The batch name is case sensitive; therefore, we recommend typing it in all caps. Batch naming conventions depend on the standards set by your department/division. See your manager for more information. You can enter the name of an existing batch to add pages to that batch; however, you cannot enter the name of a batch that is currently being indexed in AppXtender because it will cause the batch creation to fail.
  4. Click the Files of type pull-down arrow and select All Files (*.) from the list.
  5. Press and hold the [CTRL] key on the keyboard and from the file list, click the files you want to import.

    Note: To select two or contiguous (in sequence), select the first file, then press and hold the [SHIFT] key on the keyboard while selecting the last file. When importing files into a batch, text files that are flagged as hidden or system are not imported.
  6. Click the Open button.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
    Note: A progress message is displayed. If necessary, click the Cancel button at any time to cancel the batch import.
  7. When the import is complete, a Batch Import Status window is displayed.

    Note: If any of the files were rejected, click the View Reject Log button to see the reasons for the rejection.
  8. Click the Exit button.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
  9. When you are finished, close AppXtender Image Capture.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)