Eastern Michigan University

AppXtender Image Capture

Use Image Capture to scan documents into ApplicationXtender. Generally, documents are scanned in groups (batches).

Follow these directions to scan batches (documents):

  1. Prepare/batch the documents - Document batch preparation requirements depend on the processes set by your department/division. Contact the appropriate department/division if the process you want to work with is not listed above in the Documentation section.
  2. Prepare the scanner - See Preparing the Scanner for more information.

    Note: The scanning of documents must take place on a specific computer that has the AppXtender Image Capture software installed and is connected to a scanner. If this is the first time you are scanning documents, additional setup will need to take place once you have logged in on this computer. Contact the Help Desk at 734.487.2120 or [email protected] for more information.
  3. Log in to AppXtender Image Capture - See Logging in to AppXtender Image Capture for more information.
  4. Scan Documents - See Scanning a Batch (Documents) for more information.