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Scanning a Batch (Documents)

Before you can scan documents into ApplicationXtender they must first be batched. Once they are batched, you can prepare the scanner and begin scanning the paper documents.

Follow these directions to scan a batch of paper documents into AppXtender Image Capture:

  1. If necessary, click the Auto Feed button on the toolbar.
  2. From the Applications window, right-click the name of the application you want to work with and select New Batch... from the menu.

    Note: The Document Manager software must not be running. If it is you will not be able to choose New Batch... from the menu.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
  3. The AppXtender Image Capture window is displayed. Type a batch name in the Batch Name field.

    Note: The batch name is case sensitive; therefore, we recommend typing it in all caps. Batch naming conventions depend on the standards set by your department/division. See your manager for more information. You can enter the name of an existing batch to add pages to that batch; however, you cannot enter the name of a batch that is currently being indexed in AppXtender. The batch creation will fail.
  4. Click the OK button. Shortcut: Press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
  5. The batch name displays in the title bar. If the documents to be scanned are NOT already loaded onto the feeder, load them and then click the Scan button on the toolbar.

    Note: If the documents to be scanned are already loaded onto the feeder they will automatically feed through the scanner.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
  6. AppXtender Image Capture scans the batch and displays it in the Batch Display window.

    Note: The number of pages in the batch is displayed in the lower-right corner. The scan session ends after all of the pages in the feeder have been scanned.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)
  7. When you are finished, close AppXtender Image Capture.

    Note: If necessary, you can rescan a batch by reloading the documents on the scanner and clicking the Rescan button on the toolbar. Rescan does not replace the most recently scanned batch if it is not displayed in the Batch Display view or if 30 seconds have passed since the batch was originally scanned. If you are unable to rescan the batch you can delete it and scan the batch again. See Deleting a Batch for more information.
    Scanning a Batch (Documents)