WiFi User Requests

Guest Wireless Access

Faculty and staff members can create temporary accounts to allow their campus guests to access the EMU wireless network. As the account sponsor, you designate the account start and end date and can make changes to the account as required. Although students are not eligible to use this service, they can work with a faculty or staff member to set up guest access as needed.

Follow these directions to log in to the Guest Manager. You must be connected to the EMU Wired network or use VPN on wireless or at  home for these steps will work:

 1. From your browser, navigate to the Guest Manager login page (link is only available from EMU Network        or VPN.)                                                                                                                                                                        guest-manager-login-page 

 2. The EMU Wireless Sponsor Portal Sign On page is displayed.

 3. Type your NetID Username in the Username field.

 4. Type your Password in the Password field.

 5. Click the Sign On button.


 6. The Sponsor Dashboard page is displayed.


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