Eastern Michigan University

Manage Bulk Accounts

The Guest Manager application allows you to edit bulk accounts to update information and/or extend or suspend access.

Follow these directions to edit a guest account created using bulk entry (Text Entry, CSV Import or Random Generation):

    1. From the Navigation Menu in the left column, click the Manage Bulk Accounts link. The Manage Bulk Accounts page is displayed.
      Manage Bulk Accounts
    2. Reference the Created By, Created and Number of Accounts columns to identify the group of accounts you created.
    3. Click the Bulk ID link for the accounts. The Bulk Details page is displayed.
      Bulk Account Details
    4. Using the scroll bar, located at the bottom of the Bulk Details page, move to the far right of the page.
    5. Click the Edit icon to edit the guest account. The Edit User Accounts page is displayed.
      Bulk Details
    6. Type any changes to the first name of your guest in the First Name field.
    7. Type any changes to the last name of your guest in the Last Name field.
    8. Type any changes to the company affiliation for your guest in the Company field.
    9. Type any changes to the email address of your guest in the Email Address field.
    10. Using the drop-down arrows, modify the End Date and/or End Time, if required
    11. Click the Submit button to save your changes. The Guest Account Details page is displayed, reflecting the changes.
      Edit User Account
    12. Click the Print Account button to print the details for the account.
    13. Click the mail Account button to email account details to the guest email address associated with the account. You will receive a copy of the email if you configured this option under the Preferences tab in My Settings.
      Print Guest Account Details