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Wireless - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Wireless Networking?

Wireless networking is a service that allows you to connect to the EMU network and the internet without the need to plug into a data outlet. This allows you to move about freely within a service area with your wireless compatible laptop computer.

Is wireless access available in the residence halls?

Wireless services are available in:

  • First Year Center including Phelps, Sellers, Walton, and Putnam  
  • Towers including Hill, Hoyt, and Pittman
  • Best
  • Brown 
  • Buell
  • Downing
  • Munson
  • Wise
  • Village apartments.

Routers are not allowed in wireless halls.

Who can use the wireless network?

Students, faculty, and staff with a valid NetID and password, and a wireless compatible laptop can use the wireless network. Sponsored guest accounts provided by faculty and staff are also available for use on the wireless network.

Where can I use the wireless network?

Wireless network services are available in all campus buildings except Cornell Courts and Westview Apartments.

At what speed will I be connected?

Currently, connection speeds are up to 11 Mbps (802.11b) in all areas and up to 54 Mbps (802.11g) in some areas. The wireless network is a shared medium; depending on usage levels and other nearby equipment, your wireless connection may be slow or occasionally drop.

Is wireless secure?

Because the wireless network uses a shared, open medium, it is less secure than a cabled (wired) connection. Your data is protected with encryption when you visit secure websites (including the my.emich login page), but all other traffic could potentially be monitored by others in the wireless service area.

To minimize this risk, EMU recommends that you always connect to the EMU-Wireless-Secure WiFi network.  This network uses encryption to better protect your connection from being monitored by others.

What are my responsibilities?

You must practice responsible computing when using the EMU wireless network. You are bound by the terms of the I.T. Acceptable Use Policy and all other applicable policies.

Limitations and Support

What are the limitations of wireless networking?

Some functionality of wired connection computing is not available with wireless networking including:

  • File Sharing - Not currently supported.
  • Multimedia - The maximum speed of an EMU wireless connection is within the range required for multimedia content; however, the speed of delivery will depend on the condition of the connection and how many people are sharing it.

Where is Wireless Printing available on campus?

Wireless printing information is available in I.T. Computer Labs and at various print kiosks in some campus buildings.  

Who can I call for support?

If you are unable to establish a connection with a wireless compatible laptop, you may call the Help Desk at 734.487.2120 or visit them at 106 Halle Library. I.T. cannot assist with wireless connection speed or reliability problems.

Division of Information Technology

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