Cyber Security Awareness

The mission of the Cyber Security Awareness Committee (Cyber SAC) is to increase awareness of cyber security issues and to integrate security best practices into the culture of the University. A campaign developed by the committee includes a variety of media including cartoons and videos. To learn more about the campaign and to see the results so far, read the committee's Summary Report [PDF] presented to the Faculty Senate in January.

The Committee has decided to focus on three key aspects of security awareness and best practices. The three themes described in detail from the menu on the right are briefly listed below:

  1. Think before you click. - Be a click-skeptic, avoid Phishing attacks! - Phishing is a major security problem for YOU and for the University.  Between November 2012 and July 2013, more than 400 accounts were compromised at EMU.
  2. Think before you post. - What do your online posts say about you? - Information on social media like Facebook might be used by a cyber-criminal to reset your forgotten password and possibly steal money from you or damage your reputation.
  3. Think before you type. - Be smart when creating passwords! - Your password may be all that stands between a thief and your online accounts. Change your password regularly. Create passwords that are tough for cyber-criminals to crack.

In addition to these areas of focus, users are encouraged to protect themselves - and their data - by locking their computers whenever they leave their area. To learn how to easily secure your computer, visit How to Lock Your Computer on this site.

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