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ESP LogoEagle Security Package (ESP)

ESP is a set of security tools combined with training courses that are designed to help EMU employees reduce risk with improved protection against many known security threats. The program's primary intended audience are faculty and staff members who handle sensitive data as part of their work. The program and associated tools will help protect your tomorrow, today. 


Duo Security

Two-Factor authentication is used to verify your identity. Access to your accounts requires you provide something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone).


An encrypted password vault that allows you to easily store and generate strong passwords you can access anywhere using any device.


DoIT is pleased to announce that we will be offering ESP training sessions covering a variety of IT security topics. Staff and faculty are encouraged to sign up for this interactive one-hour sessions. The training is broken into two courses.  

The first course is ESP 101 – Security Best Practices.  ESP 101 covers the following topics:

The second course is ESP 102 – Installing and Using DUO Security

  • Installing Duo on your smartphone
  • Using Duo two-factor authentication
  • As a bonus, early registrants will get a free LastPass password vault license, (while supplies last.) 

We also encourage staff and faculty who attend either training session to bring their smartphones and work laptops. Users who cannot bring laptops will be provided a lab computer to use during this training.  In addition, attendees should bring their own Apple App Store or Android Market passwords to the training session so that they can download the app to their phone during the session. 

To see a list of available upcoming sessions, please visit our EventBrite page.

(EventBrite.com is providing the sign-up and registration service for this course.)  

Departments that would like to request a training for their entire department should contact Rocky Jenkins at rjenkins@emich.edu or 7-3145.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a few questions submitted anonymously though the feedback survey.  We offer a response to those and other common questions in the Frequently Asked Questions page.