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Congratulations to Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge Winners!

The Information Technology Division would like to congratulate the winners in the Cybersecurity Awareness Month challenges.  Each winner was randomly selected and has won a $50 gift card.  

Student Winners 

  • Mark Ball
  • Kaitlyn Willis
  • Leo Prior
  • Emily Johnson
  • Alyssa Reid

Employee Winners

  • Steven Berning
  • Kimberly Lanha
  • Michela Arnaboldi
  • Elizabeth Currans
  • Jessica Nietrzeba

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the challenges!


Software & Security

Learn how to properly handle EMU data owned data and better secure your computer and devices.

Security Awareness Training

Learn about EMU's Cybersecurity Awareness training program and Phishing Simulations.

Virtru Email Encryption

Learn how to secure email communictions with the Virtru Email Encryption tool.

ZendTo Secure File Share

Learn how to share large file securely with those within EMU and external to the EMU community.

Duo Security

Learn about EMU's two-factor (2FA) authentication system. 

LastPass Enterprise

Learn about the LastPass secure password vault to help you better manage your passwords.

Cyber Security Awareness

Learn how to be more secure in how you work and learn.

Common Threats

Learn about common security threats faced by the EMU Community.

Report an Incident

Learn how to report a security incident.  A security incident is any violation of EMU Security Policy, any data loss or any data exposure.

Secure Remote Work

Learn how to be more secure when working remotely.

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