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Google All Other Apps

Google Classroom, YouTube, Blogger, and any other Google Apps services not covered specifically in the Sensitive Data Guide are all part of the Google Apps for Education Suite.

  • Google Classroom: Google Classroom is a Learning Management system.  Google Classroom is not supported by EMU. EMU provides CANVAS as the supported Learning Management System platform for all EMU courses.
  • YouTube: A streaming video service
  • Blogger: An online blogging service.

Student shares videos for an online project using YouTube. Student keeps a journal using Blogger.


EMU does not recommend sharing or storing confidential information in these services without specific consent of the user.

Additional Resources
Using Google All Other Apps

The permitted (Yes), the not permitted (No), and those needing to contact I.T. (Contact I.T.) are listed in three columns in the matrix below.


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Note: Don't see what you need? Email the I.T. Security Team at [email protected].