Eastern Michigan University

Other Sensitive University Data

Sensitive data owned or controlled by the university, often not otherwise identified, which unauthorized disclosure may cause significant harm, not limited to a person’s or the university’s legitimate financial interests, good will, operations, or reputation. There may be considerations of ethics or privacy, or both related to disclosure of the information. The information may have governmental protection from unauthorized release.

  • Public safety and security information; some information concerning ongoing official investigations; public safety advance planning for emergencies; special event handling plans and details
  • Information concerning hazardous substances
  • Blueprints, building plans, infrastructure specifications and maps
  • Proprietary intellectual property including computer source code developed at EMU
  • University investments and financial planning
  • Some information related to university insurance claims
  • Employee or student misconduct allegations and proceedings

The EMU Office of Research Compliance provides assistance to faculty and oversight of research to ensure that all research at EMU is conducted responsibly, ethically, and within the current regulatory framework. In addition, the Office of Research Compliance provides consultation on the compliance of Conflict of Interest, Export Controls and Embargoes, Radiation Safety, and Biosafety.

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Using Other Sensitive University Data

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