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Adding Members

List members are individuals who will receive messages posted to the listserv. They are added in the Membership Management category located at the top of the listserv.

Follow the instructions below to add members to your list:

  1. From the Configuration Categories list at the top of the page, click on the Membership Management... link.

    Screenshot - Member Management Link

  2. A sub-list of Membership Management... categories will open. Membership List will be the default.

  3. Click the Mass Subscription link under Membership Management.

  4. The Mass Subscriptions subsection will open.

    Screenshot - Mass Subscription Link

    With the Mass Subscriptions section open, there are two ways to add member information:

    • Enter each Address one at a time or copy and paste them in the text box, one address per line.

    • Specify a File to Upload. This must be a plain text file, one address per line. Create by typing in a plain text editor such as MS Windows Wordpad or Notepad, and Apple Macintosh Plain Text Editor.


Enter Each Address 

  1. Scroll down to the Member Address text box.

  2. Enter the addresses into the text box with one address per line. They may be typed in or copied from a file. 

    Screenshot - Member Address Text Box

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Your Changes button.

Specify a File to Upload

  1. Scroll down to the ...or specify a file to upload: text box.

  2. Click the Browse... button.

    Screenshot - Browse Button

  3. The File to Upload window will open.

  4. Browse to the address file to upload. The file must be in .txt format with one email address per line and no blank lines. It is best to use a plain text editor to create the address file.

  5. Click the Open button to load the file.

    Screenshot - File Upload Window

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Your Changes button.

  7. The mailing list will tell you which addresses have been successfully subscribed and unsuccessfully subscribed. You will need to fix any addresses and add them manually. Alternately you can delete all the addresses from the list, fix the incorrect ones in the file, and reload them.

    Screenshot - Subscribed Email Addresses

Note: If you save your email addresses in a spreadsheet or text file, you can easily use that file to remove an entire list of members at a later time. See   Deleting Members for more information about how to delete members using a spreadsheet or text file.
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