Eastern Michigan University

Going Google! Transition Guide

During the transition to Google Apps, I.T. will copy your EagleMail messages and folders to Google Mail. You are responsible for exporting your EagleMail calendar, contacts, and briefcase content and importing them into Google Apps.

The EagleMail to Google Mail transition will occur in two steps:

  1. On your scheduled transition date, new email messages will be delivered to your Google Mail account. You should begin using Google Mail to send and receive email messages at this time.
    Note: Your NetID (formerly known as My.Emich username) and email address remain the same.
  2. Your existing EagleMail messages will be retained in Zimbra and copied to Google Mail at a rate of 1 message per second. The contents of your Sent folder will be copied to Google Mail first, with other email folders following in alphabetical order.
    • IT anticipates that mailboxes smaller than 8GB will be copied to Google Mail within 1 business day. Mailboxes larger than 8GB will take additional time to copy (days or weeks) depending on the number of messages. I.T. recommends that you check your mailbox size and delete any messages or folders that you no longer need.
    • If you need to access an older email message while your messages are being copied, you will still be able to access the message in EagleMail.


Google enforces a maximum individual message size of 25MB. Messages larger than 25MB will be copied from EagleMail to Google Mail but any attachment(s) will not. You may want to download any file attachments that exceed the 25MB limit and delete any messages that you no longer need, prior to your scheduled transition date.

I.T. recommends that you complete the following steps to prepare for the transition from EagleMail to Google Apps:

Zimbra Calendar, Contacts and Briefcase

You are responsible for exporting your Zimbra (EagleMail) calendar, contacts, and briefcase and importing them into Google Calendar, Contacts, and Drive, respectively.

Follow these directions to export your EagleMail :


Follow these directions to import your EagleMail Calendar, Contacts and Briefcase into Google Apps: