Eastern Michigan University

Transition Issues

Once you've received notification that your transition is complete, login to EMU Google Apps at https://google.emich.edu/ if you haven’t already done so.

Review your Google Mail account to ensure that all email messages and labels (folders) were copied from EagleMail as expected. If you believe that one or more email messages and/or labels are missing:

  1. Login to EagleMail at https://mail.emich.edu.
  2. Verify that the email(s) and/or folders in question are present in your Zimbra email account.
  3. Contact the I.T. Help Desk by phone (734.487.2120), email ([email protected]), or through the I.T. Service Portal. To assist in the troubleshooting process, please provide a specific example of an email message or folder that exists in EagleMail but is not present in Google Mail.

Although I.T. copied your email, you are responsible for exporting your EagleMail calendar, contacts, and briefcase and importing them into Google Apps. See the Going Google! Transition Guide for complete information and instructions. Access to EagleMail ends at 12:01am on Monday, October 31, 2016.