Eastern Michigan University

Transition Checklist

This checklist is a guide to assist you in preparing your EagleMail account for the transition to Google Apps. For complete instructions, see the Going Google! Transition Guide.

  • Delete any email messages and/or folders which are no longer needed. This includes messages in your Sent folder, which has a 20,000 message limit for the transition.
  • Move any sub-folders nested within your Inbox to the top-level of your folder list
  • Consolidate email subfolders into higher level folders if the subfolder organization is no longer necessary
    • 1000 total folder limit for migration including subfolders
    • Sub-folders should be nested no more than five (5) levels deep
  • Rename any folders with special characters (/ \ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) "; : > < ' ,) in the folder
  • Rename any folder that includes “archive” as part of the folder name
  • Identify messages larger than 25MB and download the attachments
  • Empty your Drafts, Junk, and Trash folders; they will not be copied
  • Meeting organizers should end all meetings on their Zimbra calendar (single-instance or
    recurring) prior to the transition. Plan to recreate these meetings on Google Calendar
    following your transition.
  • If needed, export your Zimbra Calendar and import into Google Calendar
  • If needed, export your Zimbra Contacts and import into Google Contacts
  • If needed, export your Zimbra Briefcase and import into Google Drive
  • If you receive an expiration notice for your NetID password (formerly My.Emich) prior to the transition, change your password immediately

Transition support is available through the I.T. Service Portal, the I.T. Help Desk and walk-in Assistance Centers. Visit the Transition Support page for complete information on transition-related services.

NOTE: Once your email transition begins:

  • Do not move or delete email messages or folders in Zimbra. Doing so will increase your transition time and may result in duplicate email messages.
  • Do not change your password as it will stop the transition process