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Reducing the Size of an EagleMail Account

The time required to copy your email messages to Google Mail will vary based on the size of your EagleMail mailbox, and the number of messages. One way to reduce your transition time is to delete any email messages that you no longer need.

                                                             Check Account Size | Delete Messages

Check Account Size

Once you are logged in to your EagleMail account, you can check its size by resting your mouse pointer on the account name.

Check EagleMail Account Size

Delete Messages

Follow these directions to delete unneeded message(s) from your mailbox:

  1. From the EagleMail Mail tab, identify any unnecessary messages.
    Note: As part of this process and since Google Apps enforces a maximum individual message size of 25MB, it is recommended that you: a) identify any messages over 25MB and b) download any desired attached files from these messages prior to following these steps for deleting messages from your mailbox. See Downloading File Attachments from an EagleMail Message for more information on identifying messages over 25MB and downloading attachments.
  2. Drag and drop the unneeded message onto the Trash folder.
    Note: You can delete email messages in bulk by checking individual message checkboxes or by checking the Header checkbox to select all the displayed messages. Once checked, you can drag and drop the message(s) onto the Trash folder. You can also delete an entire folder of mail by dragging and dropping it onto the Trash folder.
    Reduce the size of an EagleMail mailbox
  3. To permanently delete its contents, right-click the Trash folder and select Empty Trash from the list.

    Reduce the size of an EagleMail mailbox
  4. A Warning message is displayed. Click the OK button to permanently delete the contents of the Trash folder.
    Reduce the size of an EagleMail mailbox