Eastern Michigan University

Importing an EagleMail Briefcase into GoogleDrive

Using the briefcase file generated during the export process, you can copy the contents of your EagleMail briefcase to Google Drive.

Note: If you haven't yet exported your briefcase from EagleMail, you can do so using the Zimbra Data Export Tools.

Follow these directions to import the contents of your briefcase into Google Apps:

    1. From your browser, access the EMU Google Apps for Education login page at http://google.emich.edu.

    2. Type in your NetID username (formerly My.Emich username) and Password.

    3. Click the Login Button
      Google Login

    4. Once you are logged in to Google, click the Google App Launcher link which is located in the top, right corner of the page.
      App Launcher Link
    5. The Google App Launcher is displayed. Click the Drive icon to open Google Drive.
      App Launch - Drive
    6. Your Google Drive is displayed. 

      Google Drive
    7. On your computer, locate the compressed (.zip) briefcase file that was saved in your Downloads folder during the export process.
      Note: The name of the briefcase file will be a series of letters and numbers that includes the export date and time and ends with a .zip extension (e.g., 50d411a0-1555-420f-b90d-f970f495e920.3-16-16.20-26-53.zip).
    8. Double-click the compressed (.zip) briefcase file to unzip the file.

      Zipped Briefcase File
    9. The unzipped Briefcase folder is displayed.
      Briefcase Unzipped
    10. Drag the briefcase folder, or its contents, from the Downloads folder on your computer to Google Drive.
      Upload briefcase
    11. The Upload window is displayed. Once the briefcase upload is complete, a completion message is displayed.

      Upload Complete Message