Eastern Michigan University

Communication Services

Google Apps for Education 

Google Apps are a suite of services that helps users collaborate more effectively within workgroups. These services include the creation and sharing of email, address books, calendars, documents, and other files.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

A Voice over IP (VoIP) phone provides voice communication over the same data network that a personal computer uses.

Automated Email List Services

Email Lists are an automated email tool used to send email messages to a large group. A list is often used in place of an EagleMail group when the size of that group exceeds the restriction of 25 email recipients per message. Eastern Michigan University uses the Mailman automated email list service system.

EagleChat Instant Messaging (IM)

In its simplest form, instant messaging (IM) allows immediate communication between users by transmitting a text message from one computer to another. Using public IM systems such as AIM, Google Talk, and Yahoo! to conduct business leaves university-owned data vulnerable to theft. I.T. uses EagleChat, a secure IM environment that is available only to those associated with EMU, to reduce these risks. EagleChat IM can be accessed through Pidgin for Windows computers and Adium for Mac computers.

Division of Information Technology

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