Eastern Michigan University's Jewish Studies Minor requires 21 hours of coursework, with six hours of required classes and 15 hours of restricted electives.

To view the course listings for the Jewish Studies program, please visit the University Catalog.

Courses being developed for permanent inclusion in the Jewish Studies program include

  • History of Book Design: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (ART) [Three hours]
  • Jewish Children's and Adolescent Literature (CHL) [Three hours]
  • Jewish Theater in America (CMTA) [Three hours]
  • Nineteenth-Century Jewish Literature (LITR) [Three hours]
  • American Trauma: Intersections of the Jewish-American/African-American Experience (LITR) [Three hours]
  • Becoming Jewish in America (LITR/PLSC) [Three hours]
  • Israeli Politics (PLSC) [Three hours]
  • Jewish American Politics (PLSC) [Three hours]