Study Abroad and Travel Classes

EMU Jewish Studies currently offers students two extraordinary and deeply powerful opportunities for students to receive class credit by studying at alternative locations.

"Representing the Holocaust," a study abroad course that follows chronologically the stages of the Nazi plan to destroy European Jewry from Berlin (Wannsee) to Weimar (the Buchenwald concentration camp), to Prague (the Teresienstadt concentration camp), to Krakow, Poland (the Auschwitz death camp), and ends in Warsaw (the site of a Jewish revolt). Students who have taken this class have talked about their experiences at the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus, describing it as "life-changing."

"Becoming Jewish in America" asks students to consider what kinds of contributions Jews have made to American life—in particular the literary and political cultures of the US—and what kinds of struggles they have had to endure in order to make those contributions. Accompanied by EMU faculty, students travel to New York City, where they visit Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Tenement Museum, and the Lower East Side; to Philadelphia, where they go to the new National Museum of American Jewish History; and to Washington, DC where they go to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

"Becoming American: The Jewish Experience" [PDF]

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