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Trans at EMU

EMU is incredibly proud to be a top LGBTQ friendly institution. Although we continually strive to ensure our campus is safe, accessible and welcoming for our students - we also recognize that there can be some challenges as a queer identified person on campus. This page is a work in progress. We hope to have information to help you navigate EMU. 


Gender Neutral Restrooms on Campus (Updated 12/10/14)

Student Center
1st floor (Near International Kitchen)
2nd floor (Behind Starbucks in Hallway)
3rd floor (Across from 350)

Snow Health Center
1st floor in the main hallway
3rd floor main hallway

Halle Library
2nd floor (Administrative office)

1st and 2nd Floor

Basement (Unmarked)

2nd floor (Near Doors)
3rd floor

1st floor (Counseling Suite)

1st Floor (Unmarked)

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