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Coming Out/Being Out Support Group

Wondering about support for LGBTQAI identities on campus?  This group is designed for students who identify as LGBTQAI or who are questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation to discuss issues regarding the lifelong process of coming out, being out, sexuality, gender, identity, and other topics.  please contact Dr. Sharon Carney at CAPS at 734-487-1118 or by email at scarney@emich.edu.

Co-Sponsored by: Counseling Services and The LGBT Resource Center


TGQ (Trans/Genderqueer Group)

Meets every Friday from 11:00-12:30  in the Student Center KIVA room. Call 734-487-4149 for details. 

The group provides a space for transgender and genderqueer/questioning EMU students to find support and connection with each other. Participant interests will direct the discussion. This group is peer led and does not provide professional counseling services.



QTPOCC (Queer and Transgender People of Color) Collective

Meetings TBD

QTPOCC is a support group for people who identify as queer (anywhere along the LGBTQ+ Spectrum including folks who are questioning and/or don’t use a specific term to identify)  and as a person of color. This group serves as a way to openly engage in dialogue around what it means to be a queer person of color. We understand the importance of the intersections of race, gender, sexual identity and other identities. This space is for every queer person of color regardless of immigration status, United States residency, how open they are to others about their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, where they stand politically and what level of understanding they have about intersectionality. We aim to focus and center the most marginalized identities  within our communities to work towards an empowering space, to learn about others, ourselves and grow. Therefore we will hold each other accountable for our privileged identities to make sure we don’t continue oppressing people in our space, the way the world uses privileged identities to marginalize others. We recognize that people and identities continuously change and that not everyone has the same needs mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and/or psychologically,  we will aim to cater to your needs as a collective and as individuals. We respect people’s wishes to remain anonymous to people outside of QTPOCC and do not expect people to participate in the work we do unless they want to. Through programming, meetings, online community sharing, and informal conversations. QTPOCC will serve as a forum for students of color to develop a strong queer  community at EMU. To join the collective, contact: tlittle6@emich.edu


LGBT Peer Mentor Program

We are incredibly excited for our second year of the EMU LGBT Peer Mentorship Program. This program is designed to provide a safe space where LGBTQ students can come and talk to other students, on a one-on-one basis. Mentors will help the mentees adjust to life at Eastern Michigan University and the new opportunities and challenges that that might provide. Mentors are there to answer any questions the mentee might have, whether that is regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, or questions of a purely academic nature.  This program will provide a safe, confidential, and affirming space for LGBTQ students to ask questions, get answers, and feel supported.
Do you want an LGBT Mentor at EMU? Complete this application and return it to the RC (354 Student Center).
 If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail lgbtrc@emich.edu or call 734-487-4149.

Eastern Pride & Identity Coalition (EPIC)

EPIC is a group of students, faculty, staff and community members who have a passion for educating our community about LGBT issues. We serve as a panel of individuals representing our own stories, beliefs, faiths, cultures, backgrounds, families and values. We utilizes the voices of our panelists as we go into classrooms, EMU and community events, to share our experiences in the LGBT community.

WHO can join? YOU can! LGBTQIA+ folks. 

WHAT do we talk about? Panelist stories can cover anything from coming out stories, language, health care, LGBT history, family dynamics, and/or religion/spirituality, and includes an open forum Q and A with the students.

To apply to be a part of the coalition: email rcole@emich.edu

Faculty: To have a panel in your classroom, please complete this request form

Reasons to get involved:

  • Make an impact on our communities at EMU.
  • Talk about important issues in today's society.
  • Obtain the courage to be an inspiration in everyday life.
  • Expand your knowledge of people who identify differently than you.
  • Help others overcome their misunderstandings of our communities.
  • Brush up on your public speaking skills.
  • Learn how to answer questions effectively.
  • Build up your resume.
  • Have FUN & make new friends in the process!

After the training, how much time you volunteer is up to you. Please do not feel obligated to participate in every panel. You can sign up for presentations and events that fit into your schedule & expertise.



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