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LibQual+ Library Services Survey - 2003

LibQUAL logoHalle Library was one of 308 institutions participating in the 2003 LibQUAL+ total market survey of library service quality. During the winter term of 2003, we sent survey invitations by email to a random sample of faculty, students and staff and also provided a link to the web-based survey. We had a total of 878 respondents with 535 undergraduates, 122 graduate students, 160 faculty and 61 staff, including nine from the library. The breakdown of respondents by sex was actually quite representative of the general EMU population, with 577 females (66% of respondents compared to 61% of the total EMU population) and 291 males (34% of respondents compared to 39% total). The response by discipline also correlated to the breakdown within the total EMU population. Education had the most respondents (33% although just 22% of the total population) followed by Business (12% of respondents and 13% of the total population) and Social Sciences/Psychology (10% of respondents and 11% of the total population).

The articles about survey results will also be published in the Library Matters quarterly newsletter.

Survey Articles

Library Users Speak Up! LibQUAL+ Survey Findings: