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LibQual+ Library Services Survey - 2009

LibQUAL logoIn March, 2009, the Bruce T. Halle Library invited EMU faculty, staff and students to share their opinions on library services. The web-based survey used was provided by LibQUAL, a suite of services that over 1,000 libraries of all varieties have used over the past decade to solicit, track, understand, and act upon users' opinions of service quality. 779 people visited our website in March, took the survey and shared their thoughts with us.

528 respondents were undergraduates (the highest percentage identifying themselves as third year students). There were also 181 graduate students, 43 faculty and 27 staff members who responded. Three of EMU’s most popular majors; Education, Business, and Health Sciences, were particularly well represented. Over 23% of our Education students responded while Business and Health Sciences showed an 11% response rate. Students from these three disciplines accounted for 348 of the 779 individuals who took the survey. 69% of our respondents were female (slightly higher than the general EMU population percentage of 60%).

An open-ended comments box in the survey yielded over 300 responses. A brief qualitative analysis reveals the majority of the comments to be complimentary of library staff and how well we are serving library and information needs while others reveal what some users find lacking. 56 participants who left comments had both compliments for existing services and suggestions for improvements. Common suggestions included extension of library hours, more group study rooms and computer updates.

The library also conducted a LibQUAL survey back in 2003 and changes were made to both policies and procedures based on the feedback received. Administering the same survey after six years gives us a chance to make comparisons, measure progress and make adjustments to further improve our services. Detailed analysis of this data (in the general areas of library use, affect of service, information control and library as place) is ongoing and will be posted on this website as completed.

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