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Thursday July 27, 2017

Library Hours: 7:30am to 10:00pm

Departments and Staff

Staff Alphabetical List

The main phone number of the Bruce T. Halle Library is 734.487.0020


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Staff name & Email Title Phone Office
Archer, Jonathan
Email : jonathan.archer@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2557120
Badics, Joe
Email : joseph.badics@emich.edu
Acquisitions Librarian734.487.2402G20C
Baier, Randal
Email : rbaier@emich.edu
Multimedia, Fine & Performing Arts Librarian734.487.2520103E
Barnes, Michael
Email : mbarnes1@emich.edu
Cataloging/Metadata Librarian734.487.6571G02B
Blackmon, Terry
Email : tblackmon@emich.edu
Library Technical Distribution Specialist734.487.1958G17
Boyst, Brooke
Email : bboyst@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2566200
Braun Marks, Alexis
Email : abraunma@emich.edu
Archivist 734.487.2594310
Brodsky, Meryl
Email : mbrodsky@emich.edu
Business Librarian734.487.2574103D
Browning, Diane
Email : diane.browning@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2540114B
Bucciarelli, Elizabeth
Email : ebucciare@emich.edu
Health Sciences Librarian734.487.2506100D
Bullard, Rita
Email : rita.bullard@emich.edu
Access Services Librarian734.487.2561121B
Butkovich, Mary Ann
Email : mary.butkovich@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2404100
Crispell, Jason
Email : jcrispel@emich.edu
Library Master Technician734.487.1932G17
Davis, Amber
Email : amber.torok@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2564310
Deas, Toni
Email : tdeas@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2554120
Fabian, Sarah
Email : sfabian@emich.edu
First Year Experience Librarian734.487.2631121A
Fly, Monica
Email : mfly@emich.edu
Office Supervisor734.487.2570200
Fowler, Rhonda
Email : rhonda.fowler@emich.edu
Maps and Government Documents Librarian734.487.2587114C
Gray, Suzanne
Email : suzanne.gray@emich.edu
Women's & Gender Studies - Writing Across the Curriculum734.487.2517100F
Grossmann, Kelly
Email : kgrossm3@emich.edu
STEM Librarian734.487.2504103C
Halton, Alistair
Email : ahalton@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2555120
Hamel, Shannon
Email : shannon.hamel@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2579209
Hula, DAnne
Email : dhula@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2302G20
Klopfer, Lisa
Email : lklopfer@emich.edu
Loghry, Kirstan
Email : kloghry@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.1841G02
Marino, William
Email : wmarino1@emich.edu
Online Learning Librarian734.487.2514103B
Martin, Tony
Email : tmartin@emich.edu
Library Assistant 734.487.2553120
Mason, Kathie
Email : kmason17@emich.edu
Collections Librarian734.487.2541209B
Memmott, Sara
Email : smemmott@emich.edu
Information Services Librarian734.487.2511100J
Nims, Julia
Email : julia.nims@emich.edu
Scholarly Communications Librarian734.487.2507100B
Owen, Eric
Email : eric.owen@emich.edu
Information Systems Librarian734.487.2524103G
Piach, Robin
Email : rpiach@emich.edu
Library Assistant487.2451/2071100B/214
Pittsley-Sousa, Kate
Email : kate.pittsley@emich.edu
Education Librarian734.487.2508100E
Powers, Andrew
Email : andrew.powers@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2314G20
Rady, Patrick
Email : prady@emich.edu
System Specialist734.487.1776G01S
Rogers-Collins, Karen
Email : krogersc@emich.edu
Schubbe, Spencer
Email : sschubbe@emich.edu
Network Services Coordinator734.487.2698G01R
Shumaker, Michael
Email : mike.shumaker@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2556120
Sietz, Brad
Email : bsietz@emich.edu
LOEX Director734.487.2563103H
Singer, Amy
Email : amy.singer@emich.edu
Manager, Library Administrative Services734.487.2577200
Smallwood, Carol
Email : carol.smallwood@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.2186200A
Staicar, Thomas
Email : thomas.staicar@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2580209
Stanger, Keith
Email : keith@stanger.com
Information Services Librarian734.487.2509100G
Steimel, Brian
Email : brian.steimel@emich.edu
Circulation Supervisor734.487.2558120B
Stevens, Robert
Email : rsteven5@emich.edu
Humanities Librarian734.487.2513103A
Storm, Paula
Email : pstorm@emich.edu
Science Librarian734.487.2505100C
Thomas, Marlene A.
Email : mthom105@emich.edu
Library Assistant734.487.2197G20
Thompson, Brad
Email : tthompson@emich.edu
Technical Hardware Coordinator734.487.1793GO1U
Wrosch, Jackie
Email : jwrosch@emich.edu
Systems Librarian734.487.2516100A
Younglove, Sarah
Email : sarah.younglove@emich.edu
Library Associate734.487.1825G02