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Friday August 26, 2016

Library Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Departments and Staff

Departments and Services

Main phone number: 734.487.0020
Department, Unit or Service Department duties and Staff members (Alphabetical)

Room: 200 Phone: 734.487.2633 Fax: 734.484.1151

    Room Reservations
    Room: 200 Phone: 734.487.2703

University Archives
Room: 310 Phone: 734.487.2673

Instructional Equipment Support
Room: G17 Phone: 734.487.2046

Collection Development
Phone: 734.487.2502

Information Services
Room: 100 Phone: 734.487.2404

Information / Reference Desk
Room: Lobby Phone: 734.487.2445

Periodicals & Government Documents
Room: 209 Phone: 734.487.2634

Video Studio
Room: G19 Phone: 734.487.2091

Interlibrary Loan
Room: G20 Phone: 734.487.2596 Fax: 734.487.5399

Library Systems
Room: G01R Phone: 734.487.1773

Map Library
Room: 114 Phone: 734.487.2855

Materials Access
Room: 120 Phone: 734.487.2562

    Room: 120 Phone: 734.487.2562
    Room: 120 Phone: 734.487.2556
    Room: 120 Phone: 734.487.2562

Technical Services
Room: G02/G20 Phone: 734.487.2596 Fax: 734.487.5399

Room: G20 Phone: 734.487.2596 Fax: 734.487.5399

Room: G02 Phone: 734.487.2595 Fax: 734.487.5399

Shipping and Receiving
Room: G16 Phone: 734.487.1872

Video Studio

Room: G19
Phone: 734.487.2091

The video studio is located in the Halle Library and includes a small studio area featuring Sony professional recording equipment and computer editing featuring Apple's Final Cut Pro 4 software. The studio is operated through the University Library in the Division of Academic Affairs. It is dedicated to the production of instructional video and electronic media of enduring educational value. The studio is limited to use by faculty and others working with the library's Director of Video Services.

For more information, visit our website here: Video Studio