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University Archives Finding Aids

    150th Anniversary Celebration collection [HTML] [PDF]

    40 Years of Dedication and Service Trophy [HTML] [PDF]

    Academic Department Profiles [HTML] [PDF]

    Academic Quality Improvement Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Academic Service Learning records [HTML] [PDF]

    Administrative Services and Business Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Adonijah S. Welch Hall records [HTML] [PDF]

    Adonijah Strong Welch reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Advisory Council for Academic Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Aerial Photograph of Eastern Michigan University campus [HTML] [PDF]

    Albert P. Marshall Sound Archive Presentation collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Albert P. Marshall papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Aldous Leonard Huxley collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Alida Westman papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Alma Weidemann Swanson Memory Book [HTML] [PDF]

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity records [HTML] [PDF]

    Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity records [HTML] [PDF]

    Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority collection [HTML] [PDF]

    AmeriCorps records [HTML] [PDF]

    American Association of University Professors (AAUP) EMU Chapter records [HTML] [PDF]

    American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees records [HTML] [PDF]

    American Schoolmaster collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Anna Foster autograph book [HTML] [PDF]

    Annabelle Sumera manuscript collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Arm of Honor records [HTML] [PDF]

    Arrival records [HTML] [PDF]

    Art Department Gallery Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Art Department records [HTML] [PDF]

    Associated Women Students records [HTML] [PDF]

    Association for Computing Machinery Conference manual [HTML] [PDF]

    Association of Arab American University Graduates collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Association of Clerical Employees records [HTML] [PDF]

    Athletic Department photographic negative [HTML] [PDF]

    Athletic Video collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Athletics collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Audio Visual Center records [HTML] [PDF]

    Aurora Yearbook Woodbury Type Relief Plates collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Aurora Yearbooks [HTML] [PDF]

    Baptist Student Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Barbara Warner Weiss papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Basic Studies records [HTML] [PDF]

    Benjamin J. Klager papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Benjamin L. D'Ooge papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Bert G. Hornback book collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Bertha Goodison Hall materials [HTML] [PDF]

    Beta Gamma Sigma records [HTML] [PDF]

    Betty Barber papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Betty Brown-Chappell papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Bicentennial Celebration Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Biography File Photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Black Student Union (BSU) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Board of Regents minutes [HTML] [PDF]

    Board of Regents packets [HTML] [PDF]

    Bob Parks scrapbook collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Brian Steimel T-shirt collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Bruce K. Nelson papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Budget Requests [HTML] [PDF]

    Budget and Finance reports [HTML] [PDF]

    C.P. Steimle collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Calendar of Events records [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Demonstrations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Development records [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Maps collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Police records [HTML] [PDF]

    Campus Slide collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Career Services Center (CSC) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Caribbean Student Association collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Carl E. Pray papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Carl M. Erickson papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Carl Ojala papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Celebrating 150 Years of Shaping the Way America Learns -1849-1999 Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Centennial negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Center for Community Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Center for Instructional Computing newsletters [HTML] [PDF]

    Center for Multicultural Affairs collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Certificate, Diplomas, and Resolutions collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Charles Fitz Roy Bellows reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Charles McKenny Union records [HTML] [PDF]

    Charles McKenny papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Charter School Annual Reports [HTML] [PDF]

    Charter School Office records [HTML] [PDF]

    Christian Youth Fellowship records [HTML] [PDF]

    Civil Aeronautics Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Clara Elizabeth Warren papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Clara L. Carr papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Class Day Exercises records [HTML] [PDF]

    Class Schedules collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Class of 1892 Photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Classification Specifications records [HTML] [PDF]

    Claudia E. Crumpton papers [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Arts and Sciences records [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Business Annual Reports [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Business administrative files [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Education collection [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Health and Human Services records [HTML] [PDF]

    College of Technology records [HTML] [PDF]

    Collegium for Advanced Studies records [HTML] [PDF]

    Commencement January 1971 records [HTML] [PDF]

    Commencement records [HTML] [PDF]

    Community Garden Oral History collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Computer Center records [HTML] [PDF]

    Congressional Priorities records [HTML] [PDF]

    Conservatory of Music Enrollment records [HTML] [PDF]

    Conservatory of Music photographic collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Continuing Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Continuous Improvement Operations Council (CIOC) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Convocation Center records [HTML] [PDF]

    Corporate Education Center records [HTML] [PDF]

    Corporate Meeting Minutes [HTML] [PDF]

    Course Proposal records [HTML] [PDF]

    Craig Willis papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Curriculum Committee records [HTML] [PDF]

    Curtis K. Stadtfield papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Cynthia I. Wedding sweatshirt [HTML] [PDF]

    Daniel Putnam papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Daryl M. Hafter papers [HTML] [PDF]

    David Hortin papers [HTML] [PDF]

    David L. Prakken Letterman Sweater [HTML] [PDF]

    David Porter Mayhew reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Dean's Advisory Council records [HTML] [PDF]

    Dean's List records [HTML] [PDF]

    Degree Recipient Analysis records [HTML] [PDF]

    Delia Cook papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Pi Epsilon Society collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Psi Kappa Scrapbook collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Tau Delta Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Delta Zeta Sorority collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Department Head records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Accounting and Finance records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of African American Studies records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Biology records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Business and Industrial Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Business and Technology Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of English Language and Literature records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Foreign Language and Bilingual Studies collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Geography and Geology slide collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Health and Safety records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of History and Philosophy records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Home Economics records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Human, Environmental and Consumer Resources records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Interdisciplinary Technology records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Leadership and Counseling collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Mathematics records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Military Sciences and Leadership records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Music and Dance records [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Natural Science notebooks [HTML] [PDF]

    Department of Special Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Detroit Club collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Distinguished Visitors collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Division of Academic Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Don Plumb collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Dorothy James papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Dr. Jose Angel Flores collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Dr. Kay McGowan collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Drama and Theatre for the Young program records [HTML] [PDF]

    E. F. Bacon Autograph Book [HTML] [PDF]

    EMU Foundation Campaign for Scholars records [HTML] [PDF]

    EMU Today collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Banks memorabilia collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Echo Administrative records [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Echo Photographic Negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Building photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Duck [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Foundation Annual Reports [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Foundation memorabilia [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Hat collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Livonia Center Campus collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Memorabilia collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University News Calendars [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Patch collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Pins and Buttons collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Theatre records [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University Trophy collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eastern Michigan University negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Education Conferences records [HTML] [PDF]

    Educational Equipment collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Educational Policies Committee Minutes' [HTML]

    Edwin Atson Strong papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Edwin Willits reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Egbert R. Isbell research materials [HTML] [PDF]

    Elisabeth Knibbe, FAIA papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Elmer A. Lyman reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Elsie Andrews papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Emanuel G. Fenz slide collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Emeritus Faculty Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Emma Woodman collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Enrollment records [HTML] [PDF]

    Ernest P. Goodrich papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Ethos Week Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Eugene B. Elliott papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Awards Ceremony records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Center for Instructional Excellence (FCIE) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Council records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Course Assignments [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Course Evaluations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Handbook records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Men's Club records [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Plans [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty Profiles [HTML] [PDF]

    Faculty and Alumni portraits [HTML] [PDF]

    Federal Theatre Project collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Federation of Teachers records [HTML] [PDF]

    Forensics Team records [HTML] [PDF]

    Founders Day records [HTML] [PDF]

    Frederic H. Pease Auditorium records [HTML] [PDF]

    Frederic H. Pease papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Frederick Alexander Music Building records [HTML] [PDF]

    Frederick Alexander papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Frederick B. McKay papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Friends of the EMU Library collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEARUP) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Geddes Town Hall School records [HTML] [PDF]

    Genevieve M. Walton papers [HTML] [PDF]

    George S. May papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Georgia Mills Autograph Book [HTML] [PDF]

    Geraldine K. Barnes papers [HTML]

    Gertrude Peet papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Gilbert B. Cross papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Gloria Ewing Lockhart collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Golden Key National Honour Society records [HTML] [PDF]

    Golden Years Society collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Gordy Motown audio collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Graduate Catalogs collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Graduate Council records [HTML] [PDF]

    Graduate Research Fair records [HTML] [PDF]

    Graduate School records [HTML] [PDF]

    Gus (Zielke) Howard collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Gymnasium Porcelain collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Harold E. Sponberg papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Harold PaDelford papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Harriet August Farrand papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Harry Smith papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Harry T. Wood papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Haskins Family papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Hattie Ellen Johnson Follo papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Hazel Sayles letters [HTML] [PDF]

    Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Department records [HTML] [PDF]

    Hindelang family papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Historic Audio Recordings collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Historic Moving Image collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Historic Preservation Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Hockey Club records [HTML] [PDF]

    Home Economics Club records [HTML] [PDF]

    Homecoming collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Honorary Degree records [HTML] [PDF]

    Honors College records [HTML] [PDF]

    Honors Convocation records [HTML] [PDF]

    Horace Rackham Hall records [HTML] [PDF]

    Housing and Dining collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Huron Restoration records [HTML] [PDF]

    Inactive Student Organization records [HTML] [PDF]

    Inactive Student Organizations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Independent Living Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Inspired Motivational Activists Gearing Towards Education (I.M.A.G.E.) event posters [HTML] [PDF]

    Institute for Community and Regional Development records [HTML] [PDF]

    Institutional Planning Advisory Committee (IPAC) records [HTML] [PDF]

    InterFraternity Council records [HTML] [PDF]

    Ivadel Moore papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Jack Weiss collection [HTML] [PDF]

    James Balten Sr. collection [HTML] [PDF]

    James H. Brickley papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Jane C. Farley Autograph Book [HTML] [PDF]

    Jane Schmiedeke papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Janice J. Terry papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Jerry H. Robbins papers [HTML] [PDF]

    John A. Fallon III records [HTML] [PDF]

    John B. Virtue papers [HTML] [PDF]

    John D. Pierce papers [HTML] [PDF]

    John Harrold Goodsman collection [HTML] [PDF]

    John Loree ceramic collection [HTML] [PDF]

    John M. Muson papers [HTML] [PDF]

    John Mahelm Berry Sill reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    John Norman Collins press collection [HTML] [PDF]

    John Rice memorabilia collection [HTML] [PDF]

    John S. Elwell papers [HTML] [PDF]

    John W. Porter College of Education Building records [HTML] [PDF]

    Joseph Bom and Edward C. Green Civil War collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Joseph Estabrook reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Joseph Gurt papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Joseph Otis Beal papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Judy Loeb papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Julea Ward Case records [HTML] [PDF]

    Julia Anne King papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Kappa Phi Alpha Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Kindergarten Work sample books.xml [HTML] [PDF]

    LOEX records [HTML] [PDF]

    Labor Studies Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Lamda Chi Alpha Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Laura Bird papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Laura Dickinson collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Laurence N. Smith collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Leadership Development Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    League of Women Voters collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organizations collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Leta Benedict papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Lewis Henry Jones reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Lewis McLouth family collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Library Science Division of the College of Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Lincoln Consolidated School collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Lloyd W. Olds papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Loren D. Estleman papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Lota Garner papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Lyla M. Spelbring collection [HTML] [PDF]

    M. Thelma McAndless Distinguished Professor Chair in the Humanities records [HTML] [PDF]

    MUD Cinema posters [HTML] [PDF]

    Mabel E. (Walters) Glockzin class notes [HTML] [PDF]

    Madge Quigley papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Madrigal Singers collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Magdalena Wasson Scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Maggie H. Stark papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Malcolm MacVicar reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Malcolm X History Day Video collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Marcello Truzzi papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Marine Corp Development and Education Awards [HTML] [PDF]

    Marion Franklin Stowe collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Mark Jefferson Building records [HTML] [PDF]

    Mark S.W. Jefferson papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Marshall Building records [HTML] [PDF]

    Marshall McLennan papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Martin F. Dickerson collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration records [HTML] [PDF]

    Mary Culver papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Mary Goddard papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Mary W. Kauper records [HTML] [PDF]

    Men's Football Stadium Blanket [HTML] [PDF]

    Michael G. McGuire papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Michael Harris papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan Association of Governing Boards Faculty and Student Awards [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan Council of State College Presidents records [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan Education Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan Museum Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan One-room Schoolhouse Association (MORSA) records [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan Seal with Personal Note [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Athletic Jacket [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Calendars [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Composite Books [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Financial records [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Stereograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College Track and Field Uniform [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal College glass negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Michigan State Normal School Civil War Veterans collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Military Participation on Campus records [HTML] [PDF]

    Mission Statement and Long Range Planning records [HTML] [PDF]

    Mortar Board Adahi Chapter collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Music Club scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Nathalie (Nat) Edmunds collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Nathan Harvey papers [HTML] [PDF]

    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) records [HTML]

    National Council for Preservation Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    National Council of Professors of Educational Administration records [HTML] [PDF]

    National Institute for Consumer Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    New Student Orientation records [HTML] [PDF]

    Nobel L. Garrison Cap, Gown, and Hood [HTML] [PDF]

    Normal Lyceum Literary Society records [HTML] [PDF]

    Norman Tyler papers [HTML] [PDF]

    North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary School records [HTML] [PDF]

    Occupational Therapy Student Organizations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Occupational Therapy records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office Professionals Day collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Academic Services records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Admissions records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Affirmative Action records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Alumni Relations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Campus Life records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Dean of Students [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Development records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Diversity and Community Involvement records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of International Students records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of International Studies records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Public Information News Releases [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Religious Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Research Development records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Student Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of University Marketing & Student Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of University Marketing Student Affairs records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of Urban Education and Educational Equity records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of the President Annual Reports [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of the President correspondence records [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of the President memorabilia [HTML] [PDF]

    Office of the Provost records [HTML] [PDF]

    Olds-Robb Student Recreation-Intramural Complex records [HTML] [PDF]

    Omega Phi Alpha collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Omega Psi Phi Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Oratorical Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Orland O. Norris papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Outdoor Education Committee records [HTML] [PDF]

    P. George Bird papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Panhellenic Council collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Parents Association collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Parking records [HTML] [PDF]

    Paul E. Hubbell papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Pedagogical Society records [HTML] [PDF]

    Peter Strevens Lecture collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Phi Alpha Theta Society Student History Organizations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Phi Gamma Nu collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Phi Kappa Phi Society collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Phi Sigma Pi collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Physical Plant records [HTML] [PDF]

    Pi Gamma Mu Society records [HTML] [PDF]

    Pi Omega Pi Society collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Pierce Hall Building records [HTML] [PDF]

    Pray-Harrold Building collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Preservation Eastern collection [HTML] [PDF]

    President's Commission on the Learning University records [HTML] [PDF]

    President's Executive Board Meeting records [HTML] [PDF]

    Presidential Awards [HTML] [PDF]

    Presidential Commission on the Future of Eastern Michigan University reports [HTML] [PDF]

    Presidential Medallion [HTML] [PDF]

    Principal and Presidential portrait and photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Program Improvement records [HTML] [PDF]

    Provost's Faculty Dinner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    QUEST Student Organization collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Quirk Dramatic Arts and Sponberg Theatre Buildings records [HTML] [PDF]

    R.S. Gerganoff drawings [HTML] [PDF]

    Ralph Gilden Photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Reinhard Wittke papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Remember 911 Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Residence Hall Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Residence Hall scrapbooks [HTML] [PDF]

    Richard Dick Oltmanns collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Richard Gause Boone papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Richard Robb collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Richard Schwarze photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Robert M. Citino papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Robert Packard collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Robert Ryan papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Robert Schweitzer papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Robin Nott papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Roland Lewis Beanum papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Roosevelt School records [HTML] [PDF]

    Rural Education Student Organizations records [HTML] [PDF]

    Salary records [HTML] [PDF]

    Samuel A. Kirkpatrick papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Scholarship Award Winners collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Scholarship records [HTML] [PDF]

    School Songs collection [HTML] [PDF]

    School of Nursing records [HTML] [PDF]

    Science Building China collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Scott Westerman audio collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Self Study Reports for University Accreditation records [HTML] [PDF]

    Sesquicentennial Oral History collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Sherzer Hall records [HTML] [PDF]

    Sigma Delta Psi collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Sigma Mu Sigma records [HTML] [PDF]

    Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sigma) Sorority collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Simon E. Fagerstrom papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Sina Hutchinson papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Sodalitas Latina records [HTML] [PDF]

    Spotts Family papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Staff Vacancy Notices [HTML] [PDF]

    Starkweather Hall records [HTML] [PDF]

    State Board of Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    Stoic Society records [HTML] [PDF]

    Strategic Planning and Advancement records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Activities records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Affairs Committee minutes [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Center records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Christian Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Declaration records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Government records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Handbooks [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Media Board minutes [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Papers collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Planners [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Profiles [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Publications collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Registration records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Religious Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Student Religious Association scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Subject File Photograph collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Summer Incentive Program photographs [HTML] [PDF]

    Susan Martin collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Susan Wineberg collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Swaziland Project collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Sylvia Sims Gray papers [HTML] [PDF]

    System Procedures Manual [HTML] [PDF]

    Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity records [HTML] [PDF]

    TeResa Green papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Teaching Excellence Awards collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Telephone Directory collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Theresa Krause Memorabilia collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Theron Tompkins collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Theta Chi Fraternity records [HTML] [PDF]

    Thomas Glen Smith papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Thomas Leroy Hankinson Lantern Slide collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Tuition reference collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Undergraduate Catalogs collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Undergraduate Symposium records [HTML] [PDF]

    United Auto Workers (UAW) EMU Local 1975 - Clerical records [HTML] [PDF]

    United Auto Workers (UAW) EMU Local 1976 - Office and Professional Technical records [HTML] [PDF]

    University Annual reports [HTML] [PDF]

    University Budget and Planning reports [HTML] [PDF]

    University Building Floorplans and Blueprints collection [HTML] [PDF]

    University Center for Adult Education records [HTML] [PDF]

    University Circle records [HTML] [PDF]

    University House records [HTML] [PDF]

    University Library records [HTML] [PDF]

    University Photograph files [HTML] [PDF]

    University Presidents slide collection [HTML] [PDF]

    University Teaching Faculty Organization collection [HTML] [PDF]

    University Wives records [HTML] [PDF]

    University photograph files [HTML] [PDF]

    Upward Bound Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Urban Education Alliance records [HTML] [PDF]

    VISION records [HTML] [PDF]

    Vera Stimson Scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Vesper Woodworth Autograph Book [HTML] [PDF]

    Veterans Administration Program records [HTML] [PDF]

    Vice President for Budget and Finance records [HTML] [PDF]

    WEMU records [HTML] [PDF]

    Washtenaw County Historic Preservation Office Project records [HTML] [PDF]

    Washtenaw County Historic Preservation Program surveys [HTML] [PDF]

    Water Tower collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Welcome EMU Alumni and Friends Banner [HTML] [PDF]

    Welcome to Fast Track Banner collection [HTML] [PDF]

    William C. Lawrence papers [HTML] [PDF]

    William D. Ford Time Magazine Covers collection [HTML] [PDF]

    William H. Sherzer papers [HTML] [PDF]

    William Henry VanFleet collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Willis A. Weeks Grade Books [HTML] [PDF]

    Women's Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Women's Commission collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Women's Physical Education Club scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Women's Recreation Association collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Women's Studies records [HTML] [PDF]

    Women in Physical Education Oral History collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Woolridge Brown Morton III papers [HTML] [PDF]

    Work Projects Administration collection [HTML] [PDF]

    World College and Academic Programs Abroad records [HTML] [PDF]

    Yemen Project collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Young Women's Christian Association records [HTML] [PDF]

    Ypsilanti Area photographic negative collection [HTML] [PDF]

    Ypsilanti Teacher's Credit Union records [HTML] [PDF]

    Zella Emerson Scrapbook [HTML] [PDF]

    Zeta Chi Sigma Fraternity records [HTML] [PDF]

    Zeta Phi Sorority collection [HTML] [PDF]

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