Loop 1 is a project to replace existing primary electrical service to 19 buildings.  Phase 2 of the Loop 1 Conversion is set to begin this spring. Phase 2 — called Swing Space — includes temporary building shutdowns and temporary space locations for building occupants. This website will have information about shutdowns, space assignments and resources.


April 20, 2018

Briggs and Pease are up first for building shutdowns (April 30 - May 4).

Our copy machine/scanner locations have been updated on our floor plans page. Please review so that you know where these are located. Please also note that departments are asked to bring paper for the copy/scan areas. 

The Student Center's summer hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., beginning April 25. Doors are unlocked at 7:45 a.m. and are locked at 5:15 p.m. There will be card swipe access from the loading dock. 

 March 16, 2018

The building shutdown schedule is published on the main page of this site. There are several things building occupants can do to prepare in advance of shutdowns. See our resource page for tips like unplugging equipment, cleaning out refrigerators, estimating boxes needed for moving, and labeling boxes. Visit the resource and tools page for more detailed information. 

 March 13, 2018

The Loop 1 website is now live and the first Loop 1 bulletin has been sent to building administrators and building contacts. There will be Touch Down Locations in Halle, McKenny and the Student Center where employees can work remotely, while temporary offices will be available on the Third Floor of the Student Center. See the floor plans for more information.

Building Shutdown Schedule

Pease4.30.18 - 5.04.185 days
Briggs4.30.18 - 5.04.185 days
Roosevelt5.07.18 - 5.11.185 days
McKenny5.07.18 - 5.18.1810 days
Boone5.21.18 - 5.25.185 days
Pierce5.21.18 - 6.01.1810 days
Prep Week5.28.18 - 6.01.185 days
Hover6.04.18 - 6.08.185 days
Welch6.04.18 - 6.08.185 days
Honors6.11.18 - 6.15.185 days
Quirk6.11.18 - 6.15.185 days
601 W. Forest6.18.18 - 6.22.185 days
MJSC6.21.18 - 6.22.185 days
Marshall6.21.18 - 6.29.185 days
Sherzer7.09.18 - 7.13.185 days
Ford Hall7.09.18 - 7.13.185 days
King Hall7.16.18 - 7.20.185 days
StarkweatherTBD3 days
Jones/GoddardTBD5 days

Contact Information:

Chris Longerbeam, Project Manager

  • Main 734.487.1000
  • Direct 734.487.3591
  • Cell 734.732.3788

Kay Sekerak, Project Transition Coordinator

  • Main 734.487.1000
  • Direct 734.487.0261
  • Cell 734.320.1751