Floor Plans

Several Touch Down Locations will be offered in Halle, McKenny and the Student Center. These are non-permanent spaces where you can work remotely. See the floor plans to identify each building's Touch Down Locations. 

Temporary Offices include the Third Floor Student Center and Intersection Lounge and the Honors College.

There is an existing copier/scanner at 340H Student Center. A temporary copier/scanner (black and white) will be in 346 Student Center.

Temporary Toshiba copies will be located at: 247 McKenny Hall; 232 McKenny Hall; 270 Student Center Intersection Lounge; 342 Student Center.

Departments are asked to bring paper for the copy/scan areas.

Departments planning on using the Student Center copy/scan/print resources should contact Joe Brescol (jbrescol@emich.edu) one week before relocation. 

See floor plans for more details.  


McKenny (after 5.20.18)

Student Center