Work Resources & Tools

Department Shutdown Prep:

Moving Services/Boxes:

  • Each department needs to estimate the number of boxes needed for the temporary relocation. Contact Kay Sekerak (734.487.1000) if additional boxes are required.
  • Boxes and labels will be dropped the week before the shutdown date. This will allow plenty of time for loading up what is needed for the duration of the shutdown. If you forget something, you can gain access to your building.
  • Movers will arrive the Friday before each shut down to relocate your tagged boxes and return the Monday after the shutdown is complete to move your boxes back to your building.
  • Remember that these are not long-term moves, so try not to over pack. 

Building Access/DPS:

  • Swipe cards will work during the building shutdown process. Access arrangements are the same as during break. Call DPS when you arrive and leave your building.
  • Bring a flashlight and a friend. Do not enter the building alone. Access is grab-and-go. Do not stay in the building for a long period of time.

Mail Services: