Funding Measures

Research Question: Is there evidence that Michigan districts enrolling more Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students , (a) have less revenue available from state or local sources compared to otherwise-similar districts that enroll fewer students of color (funding effort) (b)spend relatively less than otherwise-similar districts after controlling for differences in student need and regional costs (funding level); and (c) have less state aid to distribute to students in poverty (fundingdistribution)? 

The research outcomes for phase are as follows:  

  • Demonstrate ways to examine how district administrators' conceptions of fairness and equity relate to their school/district finance system that ensures equal educational opportunity and accounting for additional needs generated by student type.  
  • Identification of logic models for selecting, designing, and implementing evidence-based school leadership interventions, specific to resource allocation in Michigan public schools, particularly those serving underrepresented groups of students. Using implementation science to improve the quality and effectiveness of creating equitable schooling conditions for all students, regardless of their racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, linguistic, or social class background. In short, the study seeks to understand how education leaders committed to implementing the programs and interventions designed to improve student outcomes and reduce inequality? 

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