Recital Credit

Check Your Recital Credit


Recital Attendance Requirement

  • Each music major must attend a total of 80 recitals in the course of the undergraduate career, but will receive credit for no more than 25 per year.
  • This number will be pro-rated for transfer students and for those seeking a second bachelor’s degree to reflect the number of semesters of work remaining at the time of matriculation.
  • Normally each semester the student will attend at least ten musical events.
  • Credit will be received for attendance at any School of Music and Dance event.
  • Students must be present for an entire event to receive credit. Late-comers will not be given a card. The cards are collected at the end of the program. A student who is performing in an event may receive recital attendance credit for that event if the student performs in less than 50 percent of the event. 
  • Attendance at many non-school musical events may be credited toward the recital attendance requirement. To obtain credit, bring a ticket stub and program to the School of Music & Dance office. The Director of the School of Music and Dance will determine whether the event qualifies for recital credit.
  • The recital-attendance requirement must be completed before a student will be cleared for graduation.

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