Want to sing at Eastern Michigan University?

The School of Music & Dance believe singing is a life-long adventure and we want you singing throughout your collegiate career. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of ensemble experiences that will broaden and deepen your perspective. Music and singing are experiences for everyone. All are welcome regardless of past singing experience or major. We will learn and grow together along your musical journey. Please visit our EMU Choir Youtube channel for recent recordings and to hear from Dr. Johnson about the choral program.


We want you to join us!

Auditioned Ensembles

Non-auditioned Ensembles

Simply register for either MUEN 134 EMU Vision or MUEN 135 Measure for Measure. 


Choral Program Highlights

  • Our Mission

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    "To provide opportunities for students which will lead to a lifelong passion for artistry in choral music."

    At Eastern Michigan University we seek to help twenty-first century musicians connect with composers, past and present. We believe that helping students gain artistic skills that lead to a lifetime of appreciation and understanding will enrich their lives, regardless of their selected field of study. To put it another way...We believe that music can change the lives of those who dedicate themselves to its detailed study.

  • Bachelor Degree Programs

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    • Music Education
    • Vocal Performance
    • BA Music (choral leadership track)
    • Honors Track 
  • Graduate Studies in Conducting, Choral Emphasis

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    The M.M. degree in Conducting at EMU is geared towards students who are curious, eager to learn, hardworking, and passionate about developing their craft. Contact Dr. Johnson to discuss your specific path. 
  • Internationally Recognized Ensembles Who Tour Annually

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    • 2022 Alaska
    • 2021 COVID Delayed
    • 2020 West Coast Tour (CA, ID, NV, UT, WA)
    • 2019 European Tour (Austria, Czech, Germany, Poland)
    • 2019 Michigan American Choral Directors Association Conference,
    • 2018 Michigan Music Conference Performance
    • 2018 Central & North Central American Choral Directors Association Conference Performance
    • 2018 Carnegie Hall Performance
    • 2017 Michigan American Choral Directors Association Performance
    • 2017 Southern Tour
    • 2016 European Tour (England, Scotland, Wales)
    • 2016 Midwest Tour
    • 2015 East Coast Tour

    Read an article in EMU Today about the EMU Choir's global recognition.

  • Guest Artist Program

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    Collaboration is at the heart of what we do! Each year the Eastern Michigan Choral program invites the nation's finest conductors and composers to work with our students. In recent years, EMU students have worked with Jake Runestad, Dr. Bruce Chamberlain, Dr. Jerry Blackstone, Stacey Gibbs, Dr. Kevin Fenton, Dr. Daniel Bara, Dr. Lee Nelson, Dr. Kristina MacMullen and many others. 
  • Student Professional Organizations

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    We have a very active American Choral Directors Association and National Federation for Music Education on campus to help students connect to their future professional colleagues.  In addition, each year the EMU choral students host Michigan School Vocal Music Association festival helping students connect and interact with this critical state organization.  


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