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Welcome to the Virtual Vespers webpage. This page will help all interested singers manage the logistics of preparing and posting their contribution to the Virtual Vespers. All participants in the virtual vespers must follow the updates given on the Facebook page.  This page will provide daily updates on the project.



We are seeking to make the isolation from the worldwide pandemic a little less overwhelming by adding beauty to the world. The timeless masterpiece of the Rachmaninoff Vespers seems to be the correct scope for our time together. It will provide musicians a challenging and sophisticated work of art upon which to focus their creative energies. It is a virtual choir experience beyond the scope of any of which I am aware and thus we can create something that has never been done before in the face of our challenging times. I work best when I am focused on positive, artful and creative processes.


Please reference these fine recordings by the USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir as you practice to get a feel for tempi and language. We will sing in Russian, if you would like a more detailed guide to the language you can consider this excellent teaching tool. Here is an example of the Singers Babel teaching videos. My recommendation for a score is the Musica Ruscia. They also have a recording of the language you can purchase.

Your do not need to purchase anything if resources are tight. Download the free IMSLP score [PDF]. You may certainly use your aural skills for the language based on the USSR Ministry of Culture, I think we can trust their pronunciation.


Updated Schedule Below!

The intention is to focus on one movement at a time. I will provide a recording schedule and a production schedule that we will attempt to follow. If the virus begins to lift before the project is complete then we will simply post the movements in isolation.

Please post your Youtube videos for the below movements no later than the dates listed below. I hope to have my conducting video prepared for you one week in advance. I will post links to the conducting videos on Facebook and on this website. Once each deadline has passed we will begin the editing process. I will post the edited versions as soon as they are prepared so we can share in the music-making together, although it is unclear at this time how long each track will take to edit.

  • April 1, Movement 6 -Hail Mary
  • TBD, Movement 1 -O Come and Worship
  •  TBD, Movement 13- This Day of Salvation
  • TBD, Movement 2- Praise the Lord


When Making your video please follow the below guidelines.

  • Sing with your best vocal quality, warm and beautiful.
  • Provide a few rehearsal comments for each movement. Please review before you create your video.
  • Make sure you listen to the Russian Diction tutorial
  • Once you are ready to record:
    • Please wear a black shirt with no logos or names written on them
    • Make sure your face is well light
    • Make sure your room is quiet as possible, turn off all noise-making devices
    • Get Headphones ready but don’t plug in
    • Wait for the beep
    • Plug in headphones
    • Wait for countdown
    • Watch for the gesture of the conducting, sing a musically as you can with dynamics and following the gesture.
    • At the end of your recording, DON’T MOVE, keep your eyes on the screen and wait for the countdown.

Download the video to Youtube with the title virtual_vespers_2020_voicepart.


  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_s1
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_s2
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_a1
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_a2
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_t1
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_t2
  • Virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_b1
  • virtual_vespers_mvt1_2020_b2

In the video description please include

  • Name
  • Voice Part
  • City, State, Country

Tags should include

  • Virtual Vespers
  • Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil
  • Brandon Johnson

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