Non-Music Majors


Performing ensembles at Eastern Michigan University represent a core artistic component of the School of Music & Dance and offer diverse opportunities to express yourself. Any EMU student who has an interest in making music, regardless of major or ability level, can find an opportunity to do so at the School of Music & Dance. Whether you join one of our bands or choirs, the Symphony Orchestra or a jazz group, come find your place. For more details, check out your area of interest. Be part of something special! Our major ensembles can help to fulfill Group 3 & 5 of the Learning Beyond the Classroom requirement

  • Bands

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    Participate in one of the many bands ensembles (concert and marching bands) at Eastern Michigan University and enjoy collaborating with your fellow friends and colleagues. Learn more
  • Symphony Orchestra

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    The Symphony Orchestra is an organization of approximately 70+ string, woodwind, brass and percussion music majors, minors and non-music majors, which performs a wide variety of standard orchestral repertoire, new music and lesser-known orchestral literature.

    The Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Chad Hutchinson, performs on average six concerts per year, including the popular Halloween Concert in October and matinée Children's Concerts in December. Additionally, the orchestra performs in EMU's bi-annual Music Now Fest. The orchestra’s performances have received critical acclaim at the Midwestern Conference on School Vocal and Instrumental Music in Ann Arbor, and earned accolades from internationally known composers and conductors. Symphony Orchestra is offered during both the fall and winter semesters. Learn more

  • Choirs

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    We believe singing is a life-long adventure and we want you singing throughout your collegiate career. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of ensemble experiences that will broaden and deepen your perspective. Music and singing are experiences for everyone. All are welcome regardless of past singing experience or major. We will learn and grow together along your musical journey. Explore which ensemble will fit you best. Please direct all questions to Dr. Brandon Johnson, director of choral activities. Learn more.

  • Jazz

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    The Jazz Ensemble is comprised of approximately 20 members and Jazz Combos are smaller ensembles of 3–6 members, based on instrumentation and skill level, that perform at both on- and off-campus gigs. Membership is open to all EMU students by audition the first week of classes. Learn more

Courses of Interest: General Education

The General Education Program is the basis for life long learning and participation in a global world. It provides a rich experience, across a wide range of academic activities, and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. Like a major, it is a program that students must complete in order to earn a bachelors degree. Our School of Music & Dance offers a variety of exciting and insightful courses for students who have an interest in music. Even if you are not a music major or minor, continue feeding your artistic passions by taking one of the following courses!

  • MUSC 100 Music Theory Fundamentals
  • MUSC 105 Appreciating Jazz: America's Music
  • MUSC 107 Music Appreciation
  • MUSC 108 World Music
  • MUSC 115 Intro to Digital Music
  • MUSC 132 Voice Class for Non-Majors
  • MUSC 152 Piano Class for Non-Majors

Want to take it step further?

Become a Music Minor

The music minor educates students in the areas of history/literature, music theory, performance, and ensemble work. It is intended for students with a background in music study who wish to expand knowledge in these areas. Applied instrumental and vocal lessons are also a possibility with any one of our world-renowned faculty. Students desiring to minor in music must complete the application and audition process with the Department of Music and Dance. Learn more