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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Music Major

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs are designed for students who wish to pursue a broad, liberal arts education with a major in music as preparation for a music-related career or graduate study in music. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and the acquisition of a solid musicianship in order to provide a broad context for work in music. Attaining these goals leads to capabilities in the use of principles and procedures that lead to an intellectual grasp of the art, and the ability to perform. Graduates often find success in a wide variety of positions requiring musical expertise and/or the ability to analyze, synthesize and manage complex ideas and issues.

The BA and BS degrees allow the student to earn a minor (or double major) outside of the Department of Music and Dance. Common combinations are Music and Business, Music and Communications, and Music and Computer Science. The Coordinator of Music Advising can assist in working out a program that will meet specific needs. The Bachelor of Arts requires a foreign language.

Music Major BA/BS – EMU Catalog

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