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Could you be a recipient of one of the endowed scholarships and awards available to EMU Music & Dance students? Please check the scholarship and award sections for Music or Dance to see if you meet their respective criteria. Many of these awards are based on talent. Some (e.g., Dillman, Olmstead, Manilow) are open to all majors. Determination of the recipient is made by recommendation of the Department Honors Committee. The application or audition process, where needed, will be posted. Other scholarships are specific to certain subject areas, so please consult with faculty on them. Please note that some of our scholarships and awards are also available to non-majors.

We recommend that you apply to the Office of Financial Aid, and complete an entrance audition by March 1 to receive priority consideration.        Office of Financial Aid Eastern Michigan University: Financial Aid 



College of Arts & Sciences scholarship/financial awards

University wide scholarship/financial awards




The School of Music & Dance is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold • Faculty Resources