Amber Schmitt, first graduate

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Neuroscience at EMU is diverse, interdisciplinary and research-focused. The curriculum provides an understanding of the nervous system at multiple levels: molecular, cellular, chemical, network and behavioral. The program prepares you for career paths in:

  • Academic research
  • Graduate programs
  • Professional programs (medical school, neuropsychology, etc.)
  • Government research and design
  • Biotechnology
  • Writing (technical, scientific and journalism)
  • Science education and teaching
  • Pharmacotherapy and sales
  • Law, economics and business


Upcoming Symposium

Come to Kent State University's Sixth Annual Neuroscience Symposium on April 25–26, 2018. Hear from internationally renowned neuroscientists presenting leading-edge research on mechanism underlying a healthy brain. Find out more.