Amber Schmitt, first graduate

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Neuroscience at EMU is diverse, interdisciplinary and research-focused. The curriculum provides an understanding of the nervous system at multiple levels: molecular, cellular, chemical, network and behavioral. The program prepares you for career paths in:

  • Academic research
  • Graduate programs
  • Professional programs (medical school, neuropsychology, etc.)
  • Government research and design
  • Biotechnology
  • Writing (technical, scientific and journalism)
  • Science education and teaching
  • Pharmacotherapy and sales
  • Law, economics and business


Eastern Michigan University’s Neuroscience program has marked a significant milestone. After launching just two years ago in 2016, the rapidly growing program now has its first three graduates. Read more about this wonderful accomplishment and the plans of the first Neuroscience graduates at EMU Today.