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Robin Miller

CNP ‘09
Current job: Associate Licensed Banker at Citizens Bank
Major at EMU: Public Administration with minors in Art History and Conservation & Resource Use

The CNP credential was an easy choice for me. As a community-minded Robin MillerPublic Administration major at EMU, the certification provided a way for me to weave my academic and extracurricular passions together seamlessly. I benefited from taking classes in nonprofit management that brought the community work that gave my life joy and meaning inside the classroom, too. My community work - predominately through GREEN, Circle K and Relay for Life - also benefited from taking an academic lens to our initiatives.

Since graduating, I have worked for a couple of nonprofit organizations including the Student Conservation Association and the Sustainable Endowments Institute. I recently finished a dual MBA/M.S. Environmental Science and Policy at Clark University. Through all of these experiences, being able to tap into the knowledge and skills I gained through NLA (known as American Humanics in my day!) has been a great asset. Although I am making a career move into the private sector, I am the board president of Miranda's Hearth, a community arts organization in Massachusetts, and a member of Kiwanis, a international community service organization.

What advice do you have for NLA students as they graduate from EMU?
Find interesting people and ask them to have a coffee with you. I have learned so much from others and about myself just by a simple invitation to have a conversation over a warm beverage.

What key points should anyone considering a career in the nonprofit field know?
The space is a changing and dynamic field - with the introduction of more mission-aligned business entities like LC3s and Benefit Corporations (B Corps), there will be many more opportunities to collaborate across public-private-nonprofit lines, and the lines themselves are starting to blur. Take advantage of any opportunities you can to increase your knowledge in finance, accounting, operations, and data analysis, too! It will pay dividends in any aspect you work on through your career.

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