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Alison Carpenter

Major: Arts and Entertainment Management
Minor: Marketing

I chose to join the NLA because my dream job is to work for an Alison Carpenterarts-related nonprofit as a Development/ Fundraising Coordinator. Furthermore, I joined so I could improve my knowledge on nonprofits in general and learn more about other local nonprofits. The NLA has been a bright light in my career here at EMU. The members are absolutely amazing and the community and atmosphere has been incredibly welcoming and informational.

I hope to become more involved in the nonprofit world in a different atmosphere other than class. I want to volunteer at a number of nonprofits as well as network with other nonprofits in the area. My favorite part of the NLA is learning about different nonprofits and opportunities within each of them through the guest speakers we invite.

I would like to tell anyone who is even moderately interested in the NLA to come to a meeting. It is an amazing opportunity for any college student. The people and the information shared are not only essential to work in the nonprofit field, but in life.

Fun Fact about Alison:
I have been out of the country three times - once to Germany and twice to China.