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The NLA at EMU has over 80 students enrolled in the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential program. Some of our outstanding students are profiled below!

 Alison CarpenterAlison Carpenter
Arts and Entertainment Management Major
"I chose to join the NLA because I hope to work for an arts-related nonprofit as a development/Fundraising coordinator. Furthermore, I joined so I could improve my knowledge on nonprofits in general and learn more about other local nonprofits."
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Avery JohnsonAvery Johnson
Communications Major
"The NLA has helped and encouraged me to continue to pursue my goals. I have learned such valuable skills since becoming a member and I cannot thank my fellow members enough."
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Courtney MarshallCourtney Marshall
Public and Nonprofit Administration Major
"The NLA has given me opportunities to connect with other nonprofit leaders within our community. It's great to see how other organizations are thriving. I hope to gain the tools I need so I can be a leader within my own community one day."
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Monai Hall-GregoryMonai Hall-Gregory
Masters of Human Resources & Organizational Development
"The NLA has impacted my life tremendously. I found my internship through NLA, and have been working with a nonprofit that feels like home now. I also have obtained an amazing network of individuals through the workshops I've attended thus far."
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