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Alliance Management Institute Conference

AMI Attendees 2016

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) conference is an annual event attended by all Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students from across the United States. It is an opportunity for students to gain practical expertise, network, hear nationally recognized speakers, attend career and campus fair exhibits, and to participate in workshops and case study simulations.

The AMI conference is...

  • The only national conference expressly designed to prepare 500+ college students for a career in the social sector;
  • Packed with educational workshops, networking opportunities and career development activities;
  • A capstone experience for individuals receiving the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential; and
  • Attended by upperclassmen, graduate students and professionals dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations.

The last AMI event was January 3-5, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri and the January 2019 conference will be in Orlando, Florida! Visit the national NLA website for more info. EMU students can qualify for a scholarship to cover their registration fee to AMI. More info here.

What Students Say...

"One of my favorite parts was the case study - I have never felt more confident in a room full of executives (Hopefully this confidence carries over into my interviews for my career). The study gave me an experience that I can talk about with employers, and it also gave me some insight into what organizations need help with. Also, it was intimidating at first and I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, but after the study I realized that I learned a lot about how important functional team work is." - Paige Rakotz, AMI 2016

"I enjoyed meeting a diverse group of like-minded people. It was so great to meet people from all over the US (like my Eastern Michigan colleagues!) who were equally interested in and passionate about working in the nonprofit sector, but came from all walks of life. I loved hearing everyone's individual stories and learning about the causes they are passionate about." - Lisa DeLuca, AMI 2016

"I feel like every student interested in nonprofits should go to AMI. I want to go again. I left feeling empowered. There were about 10 students from all over the country involved in my Case Study, and we made a difference for a local nonprofit in Chicago. At AMI, I realized that I might have a future in Public Relations. It was through receiving excellent feedback from my peers and advisers that made me realize this might be my future." - La'Tricia Hall, AMI 2014