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Alliance Management Institute Scholarship

Due to the generous support of our NLA Advisory Board members, we are pleased to be able to offer funds to cover Alliance Management Institute (AMI) registration for NLA students (pending actual funding received). In order to qualify for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a graduate or undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University who has not already attended AMI
2. Have an active NLA online profile on Salesforce (with the enrollment fee paid)
3. Be actively working toward the CNP as evidenced through completed sections in your Salesforce profile
4. Be committed to attending the next AMI Conference
5. Complete at least three leadership and service activities on behalf of the NLA. Activities can include the following:

  • Recruit at least three new students to be NLA Student Association members
  • Organize a volunteering activity that includes NLA students
  • Coordinate a joint volunteering activity with another student group on campus
  • Coordinate an information session with NLA students and a non-profit professional, so students can discuss and learn about one or more of the Competencies
  • Deliver a presentation about NLA to other student organizations or nonprofit focused classes
  • Coordinate and a lead a tabling activity in the student center
  • Other - any leadership activity that promotes the NLA and the CNP and enhances NLA student community engagement (must be approved by the Campus Executive Director)

If you are selected to receive this scholarship, once you meet all the requirements listed above, your AMI registration will be reimbursed to you after the conference. You need not complete all three leadership and service activities before attending AMI in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Applications for the January 2017 AMI Conference are now closed. Please check back in the Fall of 2017 for the next scholarship opportunity.