About Us

We, the Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS), are delighted that you have chosen to pursue your education here! We look forward to welcoming you and assisting you in your adjustment to Eastern Michigan University and life in Michigan. Coming to EMU to study provides you with a chance to experience the rich diversity of cultures, foods, languages and traditions of the international students from more than 80 countries and the domestic students that make up the EMU community.

When you arrive at EMU, it's likely you'll find other students from your home country already here. It may be tempting to live and socialize with these students as their language and customs will be comfortable and familiar. However, I ask that you make an effort to reach out and meet students from other countries; to take the initiative to meet American students in your classes and around campus; to join student organizations and to participate fully in campus life. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to establish friendships with both Americans and other students from around the world who are making EMU their temporary home.

The OISS is looking forward to serving you during your time at EMU. We're always here, ready to assist. We have prepared two special programs for you upon your arrival in Ypsilanti - check-in and International Student Orientation. Both are mandatory for students with either F or J visa types. In addition to these mandatory programs, we have arranged many helpful seminars and fun activities. Please explore our website as we have a lot of useful information to prepare you for your EMU experience and life in the US.

Esther Gunel
Director, Office of International Students

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