Academic Resources at EMU

To ensure academic success here at Eastern Michigan University the university offers many academic resources to you.

Holman Success Center

G04 Halle Library
(734) 487-2133

This Center provides instructions and services aimed at helping students develop skills to improve academic performance.  In addition, the Holman Learning Center helps student to adjust to the college learning environment.

Holman Success Center offer many different workshops, including, but not limited, to preparation for finals, test-taking skills, time management, and more.

In addition, they offer Peer Tutoring in undergraduate course ranging from 100-200 level courses on a wide-variety of subjects. For more information please visit the Academic Suppor Programs website.

University Writing Center (UWC)

115 Halle Library
(734) 487-0694

The UWC is a free resource that offers small group workshops that help students with writing, reading, research and analysis. The workshops are open to all EMU students, and certain workshops link to high-volume writing and writing intensive courses in particular.

International Student Resource Center (ISRC)

316 King Hall
(734) 487-0338

The International Student Resource Center offers students assistance with their grammar, writing and reading as well as coping with English as a Second Language (ESL). The students staffing the Center have training in working with ESL populations and can also help international students understand the standards for writing academic papers in the United States.

Academic Projects Center

116 Halle Library
(734) 487-0020, ext. 2514.

The Academic Projects Center offers one-on-one writing assistance, help doing research, and technology assistance related to student's research papers and other academic projects.

Disabilities Resource Center

240 J and K, Student Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) views disabilities as an integral part of the rich diversity at Eastern Michigan University. They collaboratively work with students, faculty, and staff to create an inclusive educational environment. Their goals are to coach students creatively, promote inclusive, successful experiences and to ensure compliance with university policies and federal guidelines.
The office is able to facilitate accommodations such as distraction free testing environments access to adaptive technology, special seating, special housing and dining arrangements, and other appropriate accommodations.

Free Tutoring Services and Walk-In Labs

The many academic departments at Eastern Michigan University offer free tutoring services or walk-in labs to help with academic course work. The services listed below vary from semester to semester. Contact individual departments for details.

Accounting Tutoring Lab
324 Owen, College of Business

Tutoring help is offered in a select number of accounting and finance classes.

Biology Study Desk
306 Mark Jefferson

Tutoring help is offered for 100 level biology courses.

Chemistry Tutoring
303A Mark Jefferson

Tutoring help is offered for many levels of undergraduate chemistry courses.

Computer Science
Halle Library G18

Tutoring is only offered for Java classes.

Economics Tutoring

Limited tutoring is offered.

Math Lab

The lab offers assistance in all math courses.

Music Department
108 Alexander Building

Limited tutoring is offered.

Physics Tutoring
301 and 340 Strong Hall

Assistance is offered for all physics courses.

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