Financial Information

How Much Money You Should Bring?

Exchange money at the airport or before you arrive. We suggest you obtain $100 in US dollars and coins. This can be used for cab rides, bus fares, tips, food, and baggage carts. Exchange more if you are planning on staying in a hotel.

  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are widely available
  • Open a local bank account as soon as possible to keep your money safe. Please see banking for more information about local banks.

If you are bringing more than $10,000USD in any form (cash, bank draft, or traveler's checks) you must declare it to US Customs on a FinCen 105 Form. You can print the form at: You will not be charged for bringing in these funds. Do not pack any money or traveler's checks in your luggage; it may be lost or stolen. Keep all money and traveler's checks with you at all times.

How To View Your Fees?

All tuition, housing, and other bills will be posted online on your "Ebill". You will not be mailed a copy of your university bill. We suggest viewing Ebill each month to ensure that all your fees are paid; otherwise, you will incur a late payment fee.

To view your Ebill:

  • Login into your 'my.emich' account
  • Click Ebill under EMU links (bottom left side)
  • Sign in using your EID (your student ID number) and PIN
  • Click on Ebill tab to view your most recent bill

How To Pay Your Tuition Bill?

To view your tuition and fees, you first need to register for classes and then view your bill via the EMU Ebill system. Tuition and fees are due by the start of the semester. For due dates, see the Student Business Services calendar at

Students have various payment options via check, cash, credit card, Eagle OneCard (student ID) and international payments via peerTransfer. To learn about each of these choices, go to

Students interested in establishing a payment plan with the university, please see for more information. Students may enroll in a payment plan for current semester charges online only by visiting the Ebill website. There is a minimal set-up fee for the payment plan per semester. Once enrolled in the payment plan, the bill will be broken down into installments and due dates will be provided. As long as all payments are made prior to the bill due dates listed, no late fees will be assessed.

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